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Xingtai International Land Port
Xingtai International Land Port
Xingtai international land port is located in Yageying Town, Lincheng County, Xingtai City, adjacent to National Highway No.107 and Beijing-Guangzhou railway, covering an area of 2000 mu,. The project mainly includes the construction of “three ports, four warehouses and five areas”, namely: railway port operation area, highway port operation area, airport operation area; platform warehouse, container yard (LNG tank container), smart logistics warehouse, and special warehouse for national strategic stockpiles; new energy LNG trading area, bulk commodity comprehensive trading area, third party logistics center area, big data center area, comprehensive administration and living area. With the concept of “Serving Xingtai and benefiting Beijing- Tianjin-Hebei” , we will build Xingtai international land port into a large-scale new smart port with high technology and green energy, which is of great significance for Xingtai to become an important city on national energy railway artery.


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