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Yibo Center is a 5A smart office building invested by Yibo Foundation Group. The project is located in the CBD of central area in Shijiazhuang city, the capital of Hebei Province, with a total construction area of 26433.88 m2, and a width of 27.1 m, a length of 42.58 m, 17 floors above ground, 3 floors below ground, and 96 parking spots. It is designed as a commercial office building. No commercial podium buildings, which are more profitable, are constructed to guarantee the high quality of office environment. Hampton hotel by Hilton also settles here. 



Yibo Center is located at the intersection of Shijiazhuang governmental affairs district and financial district, close to ZhongHua Street. It is also surrounded by Qiaoxi District Government, Hebei Provincial High Court, Hebei Provincial State Administration of Taxation Bureau, and more than 10 high-end complexes such as HuaRun MIXC, XinBai Square Shopping Mall and InZone Mall. There are two subway lines connected to Shijiazhuang Railway Station and Shijiazhuang Bus Terminal, and more than 30 bus lines available, which means the traffic is quite convenient.

In addition, the project is adjacent to more than 200 financial institutions, such as China Development Bank, the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Industrial Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, HuaXia Bank, Citic Bank, CAIDA Securities and provincial headquarters of other insurance agencies.The tax revenue of this commercial district is more than 100 million RMB. Moreover, there are 3 first-class medical institutions, provincial-level primary and middle schools and several five-star hotels nearby. In a word, Yibo Center gathers high-end urban resources, and brings a new experience of international business.


The standard floor area of the office building is 1222.7m2. The exterior wall is constructed with natural stones of rare quality, strong hardness and high abrasive resistance, presenting a noble and elegant appearance. There is a delicately decorated lobby with a height of 7.8 m in the office area, and the capacious space creating an extraordinary business atmosphere. The office area can be divided freely so offices can be customized and the space utilization is high.


The building is equipped with building equipment automation system(BA), safety prevention system(SA), communication automation system(CA), automatic fire alarm (FA) and fire linkage control system, which make is a 5A smart office building. At the same time, we adopt low-E energy-saving insulating glass for block of heat, sound and ultraviolet ray, creating energy-saving, comfortable and environmental office space. Central ventilation system will process the outdoor air flowing into the building, so you can always breathe the fresh air from nature. The building is also equipped with central air conditioning to make the temperature control is more convenient and energy saving.


Yibo Center stands at the center of the city and integrates perfectly into the city in space and function. Located at the center of the city, Yibo Center marks the new level of high-end business office.

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