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Yibo Longhegu Residential Complex
Yibo Longhegu Residential Complex
Yibo Longhegu is located in Hunnan District of Shenyang City in Liaoning Province. It is a large waterside complex integrating villas, western-style multi-storey living buildings, high-rise living buildings and commercial areas. It is near the Shenyang Free Trade Zone, next to Shenyang Municipal Government and in the core area around the Shenyang New South Railway Station. The project covers an area of 280 000m2, with  a construction area of 500 000m2 and a plot ratio of 1.6. It reaches Shenying Road in the east, the Gaotie Erjie Street in the south, Junhailangjun residential complex in the west and Guihua Road in the north. The whole project, divided into four phases, will accommodate about 3200 households.
Yibo Longhegu is located in the core area of the new center of Shenyang City, next to Shenying Road, 3 km or 5 minutes drive from Shenyang Free Trade Zone, 4 km or 10 minutes drive from Shenyang New South Railway Station, and 15-20 minutes drive from the Exhibition Center and Taoxian Airport. Besides it is adjacent to Baita River and separated by only one street from Baita Park. One axis with several attractions is designed in the courtyard, forming a five level landscape with flowers in three seasons,  beautiful scenery in four seasons, and changing landscapes. Besides, there are also three themed squares and many delicate landscape embellishments. Especially the low residence density and high afforestation rate will assure you a quality and comfortable life here.
The Phase I of Yibo Longhegu is Tuscany style villas, the Phase II includes ArtDeco high-rise, new classic western-style living buildings and french villas with yards, Phase III is planned for high-rises, western-style living buildings and commercial buildings, and the Phase IV is planned for western style living building and townhouses. The overall layout of the complex is designed as semi-enclosed, making the villa area more tranquil, and there is a panoramic view of the entire villa area and the Baita Park for high-rises. Meanwhile, Yibo focuses on the harmony of landscape, culture, and urban life, avoids destroying the natural ecology at all possible, and preserves the original landscape. Based on the landform and planning of the road network, a perfect and spacious outdoor space is created so that the central plantation area can be shared to the maximum. In addition, the excellent fitness facilities and beautiful courtyard provide the owners an ideal place for physical exercises.
Xiaoyelu International Kindergarten is settled in the community. There are also several famous schools around the complex, such as the Hunnan No. 3 Primary School, Liaoning Provincial Experiment Hunnan No. 1 Middle School and Benxi No. 1 High School, so there are sufficient education resources can be used. The project is surrounded by Shangyi Square, Wanda Plaza, Longhu Tianjie Commercial Street, Baita Market and Shenyang Free Trade Zone, which provides one-stop services of shopping, entertainment and sports for the owners. With the rapid accumulation of various commercial forms, a new business circle of Shenyang will be formed around the project.
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