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Yibo Huafu Residential Complex
Yibo Huafu Residential Complex
Yibo Huafu is a new Chinese style livable residential complex in Gaoyi County built by Yibo Foundation Group with ingenuity. The project is located at the intersection of Taihang Road and Mazhang Township Road in Gaoyi County, Shijiazhuang City, with a total planned land area of 114 Mu and a total construction area of 200000 m2.
Yibo Huafu follows the natural and simple new Chinese style. With the architectural structure of nearly golden proportion and elements of fashion, culture and sense of belonging, it is an urban noble and elegant residence community, which presents the oriental aesthetics view of architecture.
The project is composed of luxury townhouses, multi-storey western-style residential buildings with wide view and quality high-rise buildings. According to the design, there will be a distinguished commercial street at the east side of the community, which will provide high-quality commercial services for the owners. The projects has reasonable overall space layout, combining dynamic and static scenery. With classic housing layout, good ventilation, excellent lighting at three sides, reasonable and compact design, and gardens in both the front and back of each building, the residence will provide you with a quality life. 
Based on the Chinese courtyard culture, Yibo Huafu is a residence with delicately arranged five-layer entrance, composed of “entrance house, front yard, hall, back yard, private houses” with the theme of “destiny”, “tranquility”, “entrance”, “Zen” and “nostalgia” respectively, which all makes it a picturesque living area.
No garden, no house. Yibo Huafu is a new Chinese style garden-like residence built with modern construction methods, inheriting the ancient  mansion’s “five entrances form”, and gradually unfolding in three spatial levels of “garden, hall and courtyard”. Through the construction technique of penetrating, hiding, reflecting and combining virtuality and reality, it is an elegant environment for living, sightseeing and appreciating.
In addition, the project enjoys first-class property service with “24hours in 7 days” mode, electronic intercom system and anti-theft access control, entrance of one car at one time system, etc. so that the owners can live more safely and comfortably. In general, we strive to build a community with high-tech intelligent security system.
With the new oriental living philosophy, Yibo Huafu becomes the first new Chinese style residence in Gaoyi, which is a reflection of the unique elegance and supreme aesthetics.
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