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Yibo Phoenix Residential Complex
Yibo Phoenix Residential Complex
Yibo Phoenix residential complex is a French high-end livable community built by Yibo Foundation Group in Gaoyi County, Hebei Province. The estate is located in the north of the west section of Fengzhong Road and the west side of Gongnong Street in Gaoyi County, with a total area of 15400m2 and a total construction area of 457000m2. It is a large-scale residential complex with complete supporting facilities and formal property management in the county. Up to date, the first phase of the residential complex has been sold out and occupied while the second phase is under construction.
The estate is located at the prosperous Fengzhong Road of Gaoyi County, with superior location and developed transportation. Surrounded by stations, government, hospitals, supermarkets, banks, schools and parks, it is within a 3-minute core urban life circle. The community has built an international bilingual kindergarten with over 3000m2, and Wubaicun Primary School is close at hand. With high quality education facilities and considerate education services, it has created a pleasant education environment for children.

Yibo Phoenix adheres to the construction concept of “people-orientation” and takes “environmental protection and livability” as the goal. With the elegant stone-like painting on the walls, small public shared areas, artful building layout, smooth ventilation and good lighting, it is really a comfortable and liveable residential complex. Large leisure square, charming landscape in it, dignified scenery at the entrance and green plants visible from the view of every window, which all makes it a livable and comfortable community.


As a model project for building a beautiful Gaoyi County, Yibo Phoenix is rated as a provincial garden-like community, which has established positive image of Yibo.
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