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Yibo Shangcheng Residential Complex
Yibo Shangcheng Residential Complex
Yibo Shangcheng is the largest residential complex built by Yibo in Zhao County, which is built by Yibo Group. The project covers an area of 170 000 m2, with a total construction area of 560 000m2 consisting living area of 410 000m2 and high-end commercial area of 150 000m2. The project is located in the northern development zone of Zhaoxian County, adjacent to national highway No. 308 and Zhaoyuan Road. 
Yibo Shangcheng is located in the area of Zhaoxian County with great development potential, and is surrounded by high-end residential buildings. It is close to Anji Square Park and the residents can reach Wuyi Square, Good Reputation Shopping Mall, Yilijie Commercial Street, etc. within 5 minutes of driving. Moreover, excellent teaching resources such as Workers’ Children School of Zhaoxian County and International Bilingual Kindergarten are available nearby.
The project follows the design concept of low-key luxury and is jointly designed by a number of international architects. Pure French and classic Art Deco architectural style is adopted, which infuses noble, elegant and introverted humanistic temperament into the complex. With good ventilation, appropriate distance between the buildings and high afforestation rate, the residents living here will enjoy the beauty and comfort of life freely.
There will be a high-end centralized commercial zone as large-scale supermarkets, 3D star level cinemas, quality food and beverage restaurants and other high-end living facilities will settle here, so the residents will enjoy a one-stop life for eating, drinking, playing and shopping. Exclusive luxury owners’ club is built in the complex, which integrates reception, entertainment and leisure, bringing exclusive and noble experience to the owners. At the same time, the project is equipped with mature and professional Yibo property management service, which is 24-hour housekeeper service, to ensure the security and comfort of the owners.
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