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China Europe Railway Express
China Europe Railway Express
In the background of implementing the national strategy of “The Belt and Road”, Yibo launched the first China-Europe railway express at South-Central Hebei Smart Port on June 29, 2018 and the railway express provides full round-trip logistics from China to Europe and Central Asia. At present, a number of lines have been launched, and the logistics can reach more than 10 countries including Russia, Belarus, Central Asia, etc. thus we have established a comprehensive V shaped international logistics channel to Central Asia and the European hinterland at west, and to Russia and Belarus at north .
Through the China-Europe Railway Express starting from South-Central Hebei Smart Port, customers can adopt localized customs declaration and inspection, or realize localized customs declaration and port inspection and release through integrated customs clearance operation, which further improves the overall logistics efficiency,  reduces logistics costs, raises the customs clearance efficiency of China-Europe Railway Express, and facilitate the cargo clearance of import and export to the maximum extent.
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