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Fengning Poverty Alleviation Base with Chinese Toon Industry
Fengning Poverty Alleviation Base with Chinese Toon Industry
To implement the spirit of Central Conference on Rural Work, and the Central No. 1 File, and carry out the strategy of rejuvenating the rural area, Yibo Foundation Group, supported by Central Committee and Hebei Provincial Committee of China National Democratic Construction Association, built the demonstration base for poverty alleviation with Chinese toon industry in Fengning County, and promotes the high quality and efficiency characteristic agriculture. The Phase 1 of project covers an area of 387 mu, with a planned investment of 9 million RMB.
The base is divided into Organic Plant Experimental Area and Integration Research Center of North Chinese Toon Industry. Based on the guidance and licensing by China Association for Consumer Products Quality and Safety Promotion, in the Organic Plant Experimental Area, Luquan Hongyou Chinese Toon is planted, the only ecologically and originally protected brand of Chinese toon in China, which plays a leading role in the standardization development of Chinese toon industry. The Integration Research Center of North Chinese Toon Industry was established with the support of National Semi-arid Agricultural Engineering Technology Research Center of Hebei Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, China Agricultural University and other relevant scientific research institutes, which will provide analysis and research for the sustainable development of planting, processing and marketing of Chinese toon industry.
Yibo, giving full play to its advantages of agricultural management and technical resource, overcome the adverse factors including drought, coldness, sandstorm, etc in Fengning County. Then Yibo adopts the model of driving agricultural development with leading enterprises, and makes seedlings supply, plantation guidance, Chinese toon purchase, process, and brand marketing in a unified manner, realizing targeted poverty alleviation with industry. 
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