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The Scenic Resort Town Themed by the First Day of the Lunar Year
The Scenic Resort Town Themed by the First Day of the Lunar Year
The resort town is located on the east side of Shanqian Road, Luquan District, Shijiazhuang city, back to Wolong Mountain and on the east of Baoduzhai Mountain. Covering an area of more than 680 mu, it is a new-type characteristic town, integrating cultural experience, national defense education, outdoor training, tourism, vacation with health preservation. It is also an idyllic complex full of local traditional characteristics and suitable for living, working and sightseeing. By the implementation of “three changes(change resources to asset, fund to share capital, and farmers to shareholders)”, and the integration of “three industries(namely agricultural production, processing of agricultural products and marketing of agricultural products)” and other measures, Yibo transformed the previous cement factory into the field and garden, making “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” come true, which has become an important practice for Yibo Foundation Group to implement the “Rural Revitalization Strategy”.


The scenic resort town themed by the first day of the Lunar Year composed of the meeting room, science and magic hall, cultural street, field of flowers, research and education base, mining pit park, etc. The meeting room is the core of the whole project area, where there is a detailed introduction and display of the historical humanities, construction planning, smart tourism, smart agriculture, cultural innovative products, the future development industrial planning, etc., and is also a place for business negotiation and relaxation. In science magic museum, teenagers and children receive science education by watching small magics designed based on the principles of mechanics, optics, biology and other subjects to improves their concentration and interest in learning. The characteristic commercial street in the town is composed of traditional handicraft workshops, pottery studios, cultural square and so on, integrating science education, entertainment, and traditional culture. Covering an area of 138 mu, the field of flowers is designed based on the concept of “Traveling in Luquan to enjoy flowers on Wolong Mountain”, infusing it elements of “Lunar new year” and the culture of Luquan District. Besides of the sightseeing, there is outdoor research base where teenagers can participate in outdoor physical training, farming, parent-child activities, etc. In the mining pit park, the broken walls are transformed into a waterfall with the length of 56m, representing the determination of 56 ethnic groups of China to insist on sustainable development by transforming old driving forces into new ones and changing the barren hills to lucid waters and lush mountains.




 The project of “Scenic Resort Town Themed by the First Day of the Lunar New Year” is a practice of building idyllic complex. Adhering to the concept of openness, cooperation and co-construction, Yibo will work with partners from all over the county to jointly revitalize the rural area and create a better life.


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