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Yibo Wentang Island Resort
Yibo Wentang Island Resort
Wentang town is located in the hilly area and is rich in hot spring resources. After years of development and construction, it has formed a characteristic industrial chain with hot spring resources as the pillar industry. Relying on hot spring resources, the project covers an area of nearly ten thousand mu. Adhering to the concept of “Develop economy through hot spring industry, take ecology as priority, and integration of industry and town”, Wentang Town build an industry chain with the local characteristics to form the population aggregation, and provide services of medical care, commerce, culture, entertainment, leisure and living, and finally form a characteristic industrial town gathered with hot spring industry, town, humanity and culture. 
Yibo Wentang Island Resort adapts to the development trend of the era of leisure, integrate the concept of “health care” and various industries including hot springs hotel, agriculture sightseeing, ecological settlements, etc. By focusing on “three functions”, namely the function of health preservation, ecological tourism, and industry nurturing, Yibo strengthens the industry of health preservation, smart life industry, tourism industry to build a characteristic town with the feature of health preservation and integration of various industries.
Depending on our enterprise strength and resources, Yibo Foundation Industry, by cooperating with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hebei Agricultural University, ACACIA HEALTH GROUP, National National Committee on Aging, CYTS Real Estate Group and other well-known research institutes and enterprises,  fully uses the interaction of different types of resources, and aggregates the ecological agriculture, tourism, health preservation, traditional Chinese culture and Internet + beautiful rural construction, to build themed towns, agricultural sightseeing attractions, rural medical center,the elderly apartment housing, etc. By providing various services, Yibo enables the visitors enjoy a comfortable and graceful life and builds it into a town full of health, leisure, energy and happiness.
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