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Yibo Xiangshuli Villa Estate
Yibo Xiangshuli Villa Estate

Yibo Xiangshuli villa estate, located in Wuqing District of Tianjin, is Yibo Group’s first real estate project in Tianjin. The project covers a total area of 500 mu, with a total construction area of 400 000 m2. The main building types are low-density detached villas, townhouses and foreign-style houses. The project is located in Wuqing District on the Golden Corridor between Beijing and Tianjin, which extends to Beijing -Shanghai Expressway in the east, Douzhangzhuang Town government in the west and Beijing-Fuzhou expressway in the south, so Wuqing District has become the bridge of the integrated development of Beijing-Tianjin -Hebei. Superior location, convenient transportation and elegant landscape make the whole project a high-quality living community with elegant characteristics.



The project chooses the most suitable distance from nature and prosperity. It only takes 20 minutes from Wuqing to Beijing by Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Train in the south. Near the project, there is Florence Town-the largest Premium Outlets in Asia, the People’s Hospital of Wuqing District, the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Wuqing District, Yangcun No.1 Middle School, Yinghua International School, Weinido Shopping Center, NBA center, Triumph Kingdom Amusement Park, Beijing-Tianjin Canal Leisure Park and other supporting facilities, making life very convenient.In addition, the surrounding areas of the project are equipped with medium and high-end characteristic entertainment places and luxury amusement parks. In development zone at the north, there is Qilin Commercial Center integrating high-end apartments, cinema and bath  center while at the east a business zone is located along the Beijing-Tianjin expressway where Jingjin Fashion Plaza and CITIC Plaza are situated, covering department stores, home appliances stores, recreational and entertainment places, etc.



The afforested area of Yibo Xiangshuli covers 40 000m2, and the afforestation rate is more than 40%. The four-layer landscape design creates a humanized living atmosphere through the transition of large to small, far to near, public to private. Lush cherry trees stand on both sides of the main road of the community, so the road is called Cherry Blossom Avenue. Cherry blossoms in April every year when sunlight, flowers and courtyards set off each other, forming a really elegant environment. In addition, we also planted a large number of rare tree species, making the courtyard a natural oxygen bar. At the same time, there is also water system in the courtyard. With the fragrant and elegant landscape, it is an ecological and livable community.


The project follows Italian Tuscany style in overall, which is natural, relaxing and simple. With cultural stones and painted ceramic tiles as the main materials for the building exterior and warm colors, the living environment is elegant and idyllic. The design of the main surface of the building is exquisite. The window frames, balconies, and window burglar mesh are all carefully made, which perfectly corresponds to the original design of high quality, comfort and humanization.
Nowadays, Yibo Xiangshuli has become a quality living community favored by elites in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province and a symbol of high-end residence in Tianjin.
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