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Hengshui International Land Port
Hengshui International Land Port
Hengshui international land port project is located 12km east of Hengshui City, southeast of Qingliangdian Town of Wuyi County in Hebei Province, adjacent to provincial highway 391 in the north, about 2km away from Qingliangdian Town and 15km away from Wuyi County.

The project covers an area of about 4388 mu, with a total construction area of about 1.5 million m2 . The project area is divided into railway port, multi-functional area and multi-modal transport base, covering the whole container special line, the whole cold chain vehicle special line, bulk goods special line, arrival and departure yard special line, highway port, smart storage, cold chain storage, automobile industrial park, headquarter business district, bonded warehouse, value-added processing and logistics information platform, parking area, express transportation area, centralized transportation distribution area, urban and rural distribution area, steel and timber exhibition and trading area, bulk material processing and trade center, etc..
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