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Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony of Yibo Foundation Group & CRED

Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony of Yibo Foundation Group & CRED

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The strategic cooperation of Yibo Foundation Group & CRED, i.e. the signing ceremony for Tianjin Wuqing "Xiangshuli" project was held at the Prosper Center, No. 5, Guanghua Road, Beijing, and the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in urbanization construction, pension industry, financial service, etc. 


The members of the board of directors in Yibo Foundation Group and the members of the board of directors in CRED Entrepreneurship attended the signing ceremony. During the conference, through the negotiation of the two parties, they reached a conclusion, and signed the cooperation agreement. After the conference, Meng Xiaosu, the president of CRED, the founder of Happy Life, and the president of Huili Fund attended the luncheon, and expressed congratulations on the signing success. 


Project introduction


The "Xiangshuli" project cooperated between Yibo Foundation Group and CRED is located at the core area of Wuqing District, Tianjin, and the Tuscany mediterranean styles has been inherited in the construction design. It is a high-end pure villa community, with the parcel number [JW (G) 2008] No. 173. 


The garden covers an area of 500mu(33ha), and can be totally divided into three blocks, including lily, mangnolia, and rose; the objective of matching different blocks is to realize the richness and diversity of the entire plan and meet the demands of different residential groups. 


Wuqing District has obvious geological advantages, and is surrounded by six(6) national-level backbone highways, including Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan, Beijing-Tianjin, Tianjin-Baoding, Tianjin-Jizhou, and 112 Highway. You can enter Beijing and Tianjin within 45min; meanwhile, inter-city high-speed rail runs through the whole territory and you can enter Beijing within 22min, and enter Tianjin within 12min. 


Wuqing District is known as "Beijing-Tianjin Corridor", and "Beijing-Tianjin Pearl", with the ancient Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal running through, breading this hot land richly endowed by nature and glorified by talents and great men. 


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