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The Group Chairman Liu Ruiling Meets With the Longling County Committee Secretary Zhao Guoliang et al. of Yunnan Province

The Group Chairman Liu Ruiling Meets With the Longling County Committee Secretary Zhao Guoliang et al. of Yunnan Province

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On the morning of 25th July, 2013, the group chairman Liu Ruiling met with Zhao Guoliang, the County Committee Secretary of Longling County of Yunnan Province, Yang Xinman, the director general of Investment Promotion Bureau of Longling County et al. Song Limin, the general manager of Yibo Group, Wang Jingliang, the chief engineer of the group and other main leaders of the group company accompanied along the way.  


Group chairman Liu Ruiling led secretary Zhao to visit the Administrative Office Area of Yibo Foundation Group Headquarter, and expressed warm welcome to the arrival of secretary Zhao et al. 


The two parties held a brief forum at the conference hall of the group headquarter. During the conference, the group chairman Liu Ruiling firstly made a brief introduction about the development and operation strategies as well as the project construction conditions in Yibo Foundation Group to Secretary Zhao et al. Secretary Zhao Guoliang also introduced the specific conditions in Longling County. Secretary Zhao expressed that, Longling County is located at the western border area of Yunnan Province, with slow economic construction steps and it belongs to a national-level poverty-stricken county but with rich resources in mineral products, products, and water resources, and has successfully attracted batches of excellent enterprises to Longling County for investment and development. Next, it is hoped to reinforce communication with Yibo Foundation Group, jointly search for cooperation opportunities, and the government department will be engaged in the backup service, creating a good investment environment, and practically maintain the vital interests of merchants.


The group chairman further expressed that, it is also hoped to reinforce the communication of the two parties in the future work and it is believed that, through constantly deepening the cooperation fields of the two parties, and expanding the cooperation intention, win-win development will be realized.


After the discussion, Song Limin, the general manager of the group led Secretary Zhao et al. to visit Gaoyi Building Materials Mall. 


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