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Yibo Group Responds to Gao Shuzhen’s Dream: Help Fulfill Children’s Dream

Yibo Group Responds to Gao Shuzhen’s Dream: Help Fulfill Children’s Dream

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HebNews, 14th April (Reporter: Yang Junhui, Yanglin, Intern: Li Yun) Within just a few days since the report by, about the dream of Gao Shuzhen and the children living in “Courtyard for Disabled Children”, they have received strong support from good-hearted people in society including netizens making suggestions and special education school responding actively. A few days ago, a company, after learning this news, took the initiative to contact HebNews and said that it was willing to help Gao Shuzhen and the children fulfill their dream by providing financial support.


Retrospect: Caring from good-hearted people and the special education school


Although the spring of this year came later than usual, the caring by the whole society has made us feel it a different spring. The report about the dream of Gao Shuzhen and the kids of “Courtyard for Disabled Children” have aroused attention and comments of many netizens.


Some netizens expressed admiration and appreciation for Gao Shuzhen's spirit of great love and praised her for her great charity that truly touched China. Some netizens have shown their concern about the growth and difficulties of disabled children, hoping that they can live a life of self-reliance as ordinary people without discrimination while some netizens conveyed their willingness to provide help to the children and contact the rehabilitation institutions. For a time, the strong spirit of great love spread on line.  


After learning that “Courtyard for Disabled Children” needed professional rehabilitation training and textbooks, Liu Gensui, the principal of Qizhi school in Shijiazhuang City, not only called to learn more about the situation of the “Courtyard for Disabled Children”, but also personally went to HebNews to express his willingness to form a pair with “Courtyard for Disabled Children” to provide professional rehabilitation training and textbooks. The school will concern about the development of the courtyard in a long term. The teachers of Qizhi school can go to Tangshan City to give them professional guidance regularly or the teachers of the Courtyard can regularly visit Qizhi school to learn professional knowledge.


It is also learned that the principal Liu will, together with the reporters of HebNews, go to the “Courtyard for Disabled Children” in Luannan County, Tangshan City on 16th April to learn more about the situation of the Courtyard and the children's physical condition so as to guide them in a targeted manner. 


Chairman of Yibo Foundation Group: The great love spirit of Gao Shuzhen is the spirit of Chinese People


As an entrepreneur, Liu Ruiling, the chairman of Yibo Foundation Group, has a refined temperament and good morals. After learning about Gao Shuzhen's dream, he called HebNews in person and expressed his willingness to fund the rehabilitation equipment and professional textbooks for the children and to provide assistance as far as he can.


The chairman Liu told reporters that when he saw the report of Gao Shuzhen’s dream, his first reaction was to do something for the “Courtyard for Disabled Children”. After the discussion of the board of directors, they decided to fund these rehabilitation equipment, textbooks and all other goods they need, and would pay long term attention to the development of “Courtyard for Disabled Children” and go to Tangshan City to provide them assistance within their available resources at the suitable time.


“I have been moved by Ms Gao for her adoption of disabled children in the past 15 years when she went through so much sufferings. I also admire her great philanthropic act. I personally feel that her spirit not only affects 39 disabled children, but also affects the spirit of Chinese people. This kind of spirit is called great love.” Liu said that this is also the philosophy and culture of Yibo Foundation Group. Therefore, whether it is from my personal feelings or the brand concept of the company, I should do something for the children of the courtyard.


The culture of Yibo Foundation Group: adhering to the philosophy of great virtue, self-improvement and dedication


As Liu said, Yibo has been insisting on the culture of dedication and self-improvement.


It is learned that Yibo Foundation Group covers three major sectors: urban investment, finance and international industry, with more than 10 subsidiaries. The urban investment industry is committed to integrating county resources to create a beautiful China and the group is determined to be the leader of China's new urbanization. The financial industry is committed to the integration of industry and finance, providing financial services such as loans, guarantees, financial leasing and equity investment for small and medium-sized enterprises. The international industry is committed to the international production and operation, and the group has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in the United States and Hong Kong.


Yibo Foundation Group, adhering to the business philosophy of “Innovation, Cooperation and Development”, advocating the corporate values of “Mutualism•Sharing•Co-prosperity” and forming the enterprise spirit of “Great Virtue, Self-improvement and Dedication” has become an outstanding representative of the industry with its smart strategy, first-class quality and outstanding performance. While influencing and stimulating the local economic growth, it has realized the leap-forward development of the enterprise.


Talking about his personal dream: determined to be the leader of China’s urbanization


In fact, everyone has a dream so does a child and a nation. As an entrepreneur, what is Mr Liu Ruiling’s dream?

Facing this question, chairman Liu was slightly surprised for a while then smiled and expressed his dream to the reporter. 


“My personal dream may not be great, I just hope that the people around me can be safe and peaceful”. Liu said that his personal dream is very simple, but he has a broad and far-reaching consideration for the company's dream: in the next ten years, the company will expand to 100 county and aspire to be the leader of China’s urbanization by taking the tide of China’s urbanization.


Liu Ruiling’s note: hopefully the children will become a confident person broken in body but firm in spirit


In the face of children who he has not met, Liu expressed his hopes.


He sent wishes to the children: there are many people who are physically disabled but not mentally destroyed and have made outstanding achievements in their careers, such as Zhang Haidi and Hawking. Therefore, I hope that you will build confidence in recovery and infuse spiritual motivation in your efforts and perseverance of pursuing dreams, and face the society with an attitude of confidence and self-reliance. I also hope that when you grow up, you will repay the society.


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