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Deputy Secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor Deng Peiran Visits the Smart Port Project and Guides Work

Deputy Secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and Acting Mayor Deng Peiran Visits the Smart Port Project and Guides Work

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On the morning of 8th March, 2017, Deng Peiran, deputy secretary of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee and acting mayor, and leaders from Municipal Government Office and Municipal Development and Reform Commission etc., accompanied by Liu Ruiling, chairman of the group, and Peng Jingjie, secretary of the County Party Committee of Gaoyi, Chen Hongfeng, county mayor of Gaoyi, visited and inspected the South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port project. 


In the exhibition room of smart port project, chairman Liu Ruiling introduced, to the leaders, the construction and development ideas of smart port. This project is the largest hub project of road-railway intermodal in North China, with an planning area of 3000 Mu(200 ha) and designed annual throughout of ten millions tons. This project shall create more than ten thousand positions, bring profit and tax of one billion RMB after completion. It is an integrated smart port of logistics which combines road-railway intermodal hub (including international intermodal), intelligent storage, bonded logistics, cold-chain logistics, cross-border e-commerce, large-scale logistics data center, supply-chain finance and so on. This project is not only a key construction project of Hebei province but also a major project of Shijiazhuang railway port and multimodal project of Shijiazhuang City.


Yibo Foundation Group has currently signed strategic cooperation agreement with top ten central enterprises, such as the subsidiaries of China Railway, i.e. China Railway Container Transport Limited Liability Company(CRCT), China Railway Special Cargo Services CO.,LTD(CRSCS), China Railway Express Co., Ltd.(CRE) etc., to build the largest standard railway container transportation base, commercial vehicle arrival&turnover&storage base, express delivery transit base in North China and the largest cold-chain logistics center and agricultural materials base in the area north of Yangtze River for the strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Development. The construction of the project can not only directly drive the rapid development of related industries, such as transportation, service industry, finance and insurance, science and technology, energy, but also completely change the history that inland cities have to rely on ports to develop export-oriented economy.


During the visiting and inspection, mayor Deng Peiran stressed that construction of the project was an effective support and also potential motivation for sustainable economic development. As a major project of national 13th Five-Year Plan, the smart port project should be constructed at an accelerated speed. This project, by taking the bulk industrial products and agricultural products as the main service object in North China, shall be constructed to connect with “The Belt and Road” railway network, and to be a “Intelligent Logistics Complex for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Innovation and Development” with strengthened intelligent and automatic construction. It is necessary to further emancipate the mind, renew the ideas, clear development thinking, eliminate backward productivity, and speed up the promotion of local industrial structure transformation, upgrading and development.


Phase I of smart port project is currently under tension construction, and the progress of farm railway line and standardized warehouse construction is satisfying. Phase I works are expected to be formally put into operation in this May. 


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