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The Annual Working Meeting of YiBo Foundation Group is Successfully Held

The Annual Working Meeting of YiBo Foundation Group is Successfully Held

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On 19th March of 2017, the annual working meeting of Yibo Group was held at the All-lengend International Hotel in Tianjin. Each subsidiary of the group reported work statement of 2016 and work plan of 2017 at the meeting. Yibo Group chairman Liu Ruiling, chief supervisor Song Limin attended the meeting and made important speeches. The representative of Beijing Trust Company, a partner of Yibo Group, was invited to attend the meeting.


At the meeting, Jing Yongchao, the group director and the vice president of Tianjin Subsidiary expressed, on behalf of Tianjin Subsidiary—sponsor of the meeting, his warm welcome to all the attendants. The general manager of Thanjin Subsidiary Liu Zhupeng, the group supervisor and the general manager of Zhao County Subsidiary Wang Jinliang, the general manager of Gaoyi Subsidiary Hao Zhenxiang, the general manager of Pingshan Subsidiary Liu Yunliang, the leader of the property company Zhang Ju, the person in charge of the Subsidiary in U.S.A Wen Jingda reported on the working of 2016 and the work plan of 2017 respectively.


The chief supervisor Song Limin made a speech. He indicated Yibo Dream was our Happy Dream, and we should, in the coming year, increase the cohesion and enhance the centripetal force, strengthen internal management, heighten sense of responsibility, awareness of the overall situation, and be aware of and fulfill responsibilities, observe the rules, be steadfast and earnest in our work, roll up the sleeves and work hard to assist Yibo to go further.


After listening to the report, Yibo Group chairman Liu Ruiling pointed out that quality and service would be the new orientation of market development in the future, and we needed to follow the craftsman spirit deeply which was a new requirement and new starting point for our work. He also stressed that we should strengthen land reserves, promote a fast, high-efficient and superior-quality development of the group based on a “long, short, fast, slow” investment mode, achieving group’s “Five Year Plan”,  “Double Goal”, that is, the group annual sales will exceed ten billion RMB and the group will enter the top 100 of real estate enterprise by 2022.


This meeting also made significant adjustments to the membership of the Board of Directors. Wen Jingda, Liu Zhupeng and Wang Chuanmeng were elected as new members of the board of directors.


After the meeting, all the attendants solemnly swore in the face of the oath to firmly promote the implementation of the Group’s “Five Year Plan” and “Double Goal” and to agglomerate mental efforts for the realization of “International Yibo, Century-old Industry”.


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