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The Annual Working Meeting of YiBo Holding Group is Successfully Held

The Annual Working Meeting of YiBo Holding Group is Successfully Held

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On the morning of 16th March, 2017, the annual working meeting of 2017 was held at Yibo Building Materials Mall located in Gaoyi. Each subsidiary and functional department of the group made a report on the work statement of 2016 and work plan of 2017 at the meeting. Yibo Group chairman Liu Ruiling, president Liu Yinpeng, chief supervisor Liang Zhanxu, vice chairman Zhao Ge, Yang Huijie, supervisor Yang Huijie and other group leaders took seats in the front row and delivered important speeches. 



Yibo Group chairman Liu Ruiling said that the year of 2016 was a year of transmutation and development. Under the pressure of increasingly downward economy and more complicated market environment, Yibo Group assessed the current situation, overcame difficulties, forged ahead. With the joint efforts of all the staff, the group business had achieved breakthrough development in 2016. In 2017, we will insist on continuous breakthroughs and innovations, strengthen system management, fasten transformation, upgrading and development of the group. We should fully carry forward the Yibo spirit of hard work, vigorously promote the construction of South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port, continue to improve the popularity and influence of Yibo Building Materials Mall, actively implement group strategic development layout of “One Port for One Mall”. At the same time, we would broaden development ideas, dare to break through, and strive to realize the leaping development in terms of medical, financial and educational services. 


The president of Yibo Holding Group Liu Yinpeng made comments on the work of subsidiaries and departments in 2016, and put forward specific requests for the work of this year. He pointed out that we would grasp the economic develop opportunity, focus on the smart port construction and investment attracting. He also indicated the real estate delivery volume in this year will be the sum of the past 7 years in China. Yibo Building Materials Mall should seize the market opportunity of the rapid development of real estate and strengthen the advertising, realizing the breakthrough and development of Yibo Building Materials Mall.


The chief supervisor Liang Zhanxu pointed out that preparedness ensures success and unpreparedness spells failure, and each subsidiary and department should work out work plan of 2017, promote the performance appraisal system and ensure each work to be executed and completed as the schedule. We should strength the internal management, perfect the group system construction, and carry out the system norms of the group with single standard for each item and in a manner of justice, fairness and openness, providing efficient internal environment for the transformation and development of the group.


In order to aggregate the strength of Yibo and enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, all the attendants made a solemn declaration in front of Yibo oath under the leadership of chairman Liu Ruiling before the meeting.


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