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Member of Standing Committee of Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor Shui Yong Visits Yibo to Investigate and Research South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port

Member of Standing Committee of Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor Shui Yong Visits Yibo to Investigate and Research South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port

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On the afternoon of 15th December, 2016, Shui Yong, member of Standing Committee of Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, Song Guohong, executive deputy secretary general of Municipal Government, and their delegation, entrusted by Xing Guohui, secretary of Shijiazhuang Municipal Party Committee and mayor, visited our company to investigate and research the South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port. Peng Jingjie, secretary of Gaoyi County Party Committee, presided over the meeting and Yang Haiqing, deputy county mayor of Gaoyi, Zhou Ruiming, general manager of Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd., Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Foundation Group attended the meeting. 


At the meeting, Chairman Liu Ruiling reported to the leaders from the following three aspects of the smart port: planning and construction, operating mode and project progress. He stated that the group, taking the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Development as a historical opportunity, cooperated with China Railway Beijing Group Co.,Ltd. and Beijing International Trust, invested 5.2 billion RMB to build a modern integrated smart logistics port with functions of road-railway intermodal(including international intermodal), intelligent storage, automobile transit, cloud computing, e-commerce, and supply chain finance etc, in a planned construction area of 3000mu(200 ha). 


At present, the group has cooperated in depth with three subsidiaries of China Railway, i.e. China Railway Container Transport Limited Liability Company(CRCT), China Railway Special Cargo Services CO.,LTD.(CRSCS) and China Railway Express Co., Ltd. (CRE) and nine state-owned enterprises affiliated with All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives,including China Co-op Group, China Supply and Marketing Agricultural Production Wholesale Market Holding Co., Ltd., China National Cotton Group Corporation, COFCO Corporation, Sinotrans, etc. and three Ports i.e. Tianjin Port, Huanghua Port and Qingdao Port. After its completion, the smart port will handle over ten million tons of cargo each year, create more than ten thousand positions and promote the rapid development in transportation, service, finance and insurance, technology&science and energy and other fields.


Peng Jingjie, secretary of Gaoyi County Party Committee made a report on the economic growth, the regional industrial transformation and upgrading by eliminating the backward productivity, green development etc. of Gaoyi County based on the construction of the smart port.


After listening to the report, the deputy mayor Shui Yong fully affirmed the positioning of the project and he believed that the project was promising because it was in line with the industrial law, the company interests and the law of the project.


He hoped that our company shall, by making full use of the strategic opportunity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Development, scheme the layout from the perspective of building high-end logistics industry of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, deepen the project planning and build it to be a smart logistics park with improved overall intelligent level; We should make full use of the underground space for the proposed cold chain logistics area to save resources. The saved land can be kept for future development of the project, such as attracting investment from upstream and downstream enterprises of logistics to make the project bigger and stronger together. Moreover, it is necessary to build the smart port into a regional logistics center in Central-South Hebei and a leading logistics enterprise in Shijiazhuang by accelerating the logistics brand building.


The municipal government will list the project as a key project in Shijiazhuang. Meanwhile, the government would support our applying for constructing the only railway port in Shijiazhuang and expansion of financing.They would also set up logistics industry fund to assist project construction. Besides, the government encourages the operation of China-Europe Express and China-Central Asia Express with Gaoyi Station in Shijiazhuang as the departure station which will connect Shijiazhuang City with the international railway transportation. For this purpose, the government will establish the work coordination mechanism at both municipal and county levels and mechanism of regular special report from Gaoyi County, and listen to the report on smart port every half month or one month. The municipal government will hold a special meeting in the near future to listen to the project construction plan and fund using plan of 2017, analyze and solve the problems in the construction process, jointly promoting the construction of the smart port project.


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