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Yibo Foundation Group Holds the Work Planning Meeting of 2016

Yibo Foundation Group Holds the Work Planning Meeting of 2016

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On the morning of 23th January, 2016, the work planning meeting of 2016 of Yibo Foundation Group was held in the conference room of the headquarters. A total of more than 50 persons attended the meeting, including chairman Liu Ruiling, heads of all branches and key employees.



In keeping with the planning requirements of the national “13th Five-Year Plan” and relying on the actual business development needs, YiBo Foundation Group summarized the original business sectors and reintegrated them into five business sectors of real estate, logistics, agriculture, tourism and property management. At the same time, six major functional centers and four major head offices have been set up to open a new chapter of Yibo Foundation Group with joint efforts.


Chairman Liu Ruiling said 2016 was an important year for China's deepening reform and economic transformation. We should, keeping pace with the times, formulate scheme and execute it based on the actual conditions and trends to seize the high point of development. We should also grasp the opportunity and balance the proportion of all business sectors, not only, to make the original business bigger and more solid, but also, to pay attention to innovation and expansion. He also said we should focus on self-improvement by learning more and practicing hard to become professional and all-rounded, and each functional center and each branch of the group should strengthen the communication, not only learn from each other, supervise each other, compete with each other, but also be tolerant, considerate and caring for each other. He indicated mutual progress only can be made by complementing each other. He asked each functional center and branch office to further strengthen organizational procedure management in more detailed and practical manner to lay a solid foundation for following development. 2016 is a year of transition for the group development and also a year of leaping development. We should continue to work with a higher spirit for starting off with a wonderful long voyage to a higher goal.


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