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The Meeting of Founding of Yibo Holding Group and Work Arrangement for 2016

The Meeting of Founding of Yibo Holding Group and Work Arrangement for 2016

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On the afternoon of 17th January, 2016, the meeting of founding of Yibo Holding Group and work arrangement for 2016 was held in the business conference hall of Yibo Building Materials Mall in Gaoyi county, which was attended by chairman of the Board of Supervisors Liu Ruiling, chairman Song Limin, vice chairman Zhao Ge, general manager Liu Yinpeng, chief engineer Hao Zhenxiang, general manager assistant Wang Jingliang and directors of its subsidiaries.


At the meeting, general manager Liu Yinpeng summarized the work achievements of the subsidiaries of Yibo Holding Group in 2015 and made a speech. He said that the stable and healthy growth of the subsidiaries in 2015 benefited from the balanced layout of the group strategy. He also said enterprise business innovations and solutions built a foundation for competitiveness, which was widely recognized. We are confident that we will achieve sustained and effective growth in 2016 to make each business develop at an accelerated space.


Song Limin, chairman of Yibo Holding Group made an important speech, in which he pointed out that 17th January was an important day for Yibo Holding Group. The expansion and adjustment of the leading team was based on the actual needs of the group development and the conditions of leading team construction and also the deployment decision based on repeated deliberation and careful research as per procedures. It is hoped that the newly appointed comrades would further strengthen their studies, enhance the overall consciousness, give full play to their professional advantages, accelerate the transformation of their working roles, coordinate and handle the relationship of all aspects, and work with other members of the leadership team to promote sustained, rapid and stable development of Yibo Holding Group.


Finally, Liu Ruiling, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Yibo Holding Group, stressed that hopefully everyone would, by making concerted efforts, make new contributions to the development of the group with rigorous, efficient, pragmatic and innovative spirit under the leadership of the new team. 


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