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Vice Governor of Hebei Province Jiang Deguo Comes to Wentang Island Project of Yibo for Investigation

Vice Governor of Hebei Province Jiang Deguo Comes to Wentang Island Project of Yibo for Investigation

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On 3rd June, 2016, vice governor of Hebei Province Jiang Deguo and other people came to Wentang Town, Pingshan County, to investigate the project site of old village renovation and beautiful village construction and held a symposium. Chairman of Yibo Group Liu Ruiling, secretary of Pingshan County Party Committee Li Xuyang, and secretary Wentang Town Party of Committee Gao Chenghu and other relevant leaders also attended the investigation and symposium. 


At the symposium, county mayor of Pingshan Dong Xiaohang specially introduced the beautiful village construction and future development scheme. He said the county government attached great importance to the cooperation of Yibo Foundation Group, and jointly carried out the renovation and construction in Zhongchen Village, and has sent dedicated person to the site several times to guide work. Up to now, the environment is preliminarily improved. Yibo Foundation Group works closely with the local government and takes the advantages of local resources to build Eco-tourism Resort of Yibo Wentang Island with a huge amount of money under the theme of “keep the clean water and hometown feeling”.


Chairman Liu Ruiling said that Yibo Wentang Island project, making use of local natural resources, had introduced the American Keya Group’s management model of great health care for the aged. Wentang Island will be dedicated to be an agricultural ecotourism resort with blended Chinese-Western culture and combined humanity-natural environment. Up to now, thousands of plants and trees have been planted in the park of the Wentang Island project. Land transfer, Wentang River diversion project and other key works will be vigorously carried out as planned. 


Vice governor Jiang listened to the introduction made by relevant leaders of Pingshan county and Yibo Foundation Group during the investigation and affirmed the achievements of the Yibo Wentang Island project. At the same time, he pointed out the construction of beautiful village should be carried out in accordance with the central planning policy of “applicable, economic, green and beautiful”. In order to promote the construction of beautiful village based on local conditions, we should continue to strengthen the cooperation between the government and the enterprises, and strive to help the local people to shake off the poverty and become richer. It is hoped that Wentang Island project will be built to be a people-benefit project to create more benefits for local people.


Kang Yanmin, Guo Shuangquan, Gao Chenghu and other provincial and group leaders attended the above activities.


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