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Yibo Group Donates 500,000 RMB to Siyuan School in Zanhuang County

Yibo Group Donates 500,000 RMB to Siyuan School in Zanhuang County

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On the morning of 12th June, the donation ceremony of Yibo Foundation Group and  Hebei Provincial Old Liberated Area Construction Association to Siyuan school in Zanhuang County was held at the school. At the ceremony, Yibo Foundation Group donated 500,000 RMB to Siyuan school for its reconstruction.

Siyuan school is located in the western mountainous area of Zanhuang County, with a gross floor area of 900 m2 and 125 students. The reconstructed Siyuan school is a nine-year system school with a floor area of nearly 7000m2 to accommodate more than 1,000 students, which will provide excellent studying and living environment for teachers and students, and guarantee the overall improvement of teaching quality.

It takes three generations to make a gentleman. Education is the foundation of a nation. Yibo Foundation Group has been committed to promoting the development of public welfare, especially the education development in China. The group has donated more than 1 million RMB to Wenchuan Lushan earthquake area and Three Li Martyrs Scholarship in Pingshan County. Now, with the sense of responsibility for Chinese education and adhering to the tenet of “Caring about education, offering love”, Yibo Foundation Group donated school reconstruction funds to Siyuan school to promote the development of education and improve the teaching hardware facilities of Zanhuang County.

The group’s donation to education will become a banner of social love work and will motivate more social groups and enterprises to care for and support the development of education in Zanhuang County.


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