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Group Structure Adjustment of 3+2 Model to Help 100 Communities and Thousands of Villages

Group Structure Adjustment of 3+2 Model to Help 100 Communities and Thousands of Villages

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On 2nd June, Yibo Group held the work reporting meeting of May at its headquarters. Members of Board of directors and director of each department and branch company attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the group companies summarized the work progress in May and deployed the work planning in June. Yibo Foundation Group chairman Liu Ruiling attended the meeting and announced the group’s organizational structure adjustment plan.

At the meeting, the Real Estate Group, Logistics Group, Agricultural Tourism Group and Yibo Foundation Tianjin Corporation, Property Managing Company of Yibo increased customer satisfaction continuously by opening up the employees’ new thinking of work. Tianjin Corporation of Yibo has achieved excellent results of monthly sales of 18 sets Yibo Xiangshuli villa in Tianjin based on innovative marketing mode.

The chairman of Yibo Foundation Group Liu Ruiling gave affirmation and guidance to the work of the each group and company. He pointed out that at present the group's business was in line with the national strategy and promoted the development of the national strategic industry, in which South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port project had been listed as one of the top ten key projects in Hebei Province. Liu Ruiling stressed that we should fully study the internet thinking and adapt to the change of the times. In the ecological environment of the internet+, the group should continue to emancipate the mind and transform the thought, combine the traditional ideas with the new ones and integrate various new models to promote the transformation and development of the group in an all-round way.

At the meeting, Liu Ruiling introduced the group's 3+2 model in detail, namely, Yibo Foundation Real Estate Group, Yibo Foundation Logistics Group, Yibo Foundation Agricultural Tourism Group and Yibo Foundation Tianjin Corporation, Yibo Foundation Property Managing Company. Liu Ruiling said that it is necessary to adjust the internal organization structure of the company to ensure the transformation of the group. He said we should, by focusing on the users’ experience, segment market and create a professional team with rapid response, fast decision-making, prompt action. It only can cater for the development of the times when the adjusted structure and special talents concentrate on the great events and make each segment to the utmost.


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