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Donation Ceremony of “Caring for Lushan” by Yibo Foundation Group to Lushan County

Donation Ceremony of “Caring for Lushan” by Yibo Foundation Group to Lushan County

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On 27th April, the donation ceremony of Yibo Foundation Group to Lushan County was held in Building Materials Mall in Gaoyi County.

When the leader of Shijiazhuang Red Cross Society took over the cheque of 200,000RMB from Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Foundation Group, the applause broke out immediately. So far, Yibo Foundation Group donated 200,000RMB through Shijiazhuang Red Cross Society to disaster area of Lushan County, Ya’an City. The donation ceremony was attended by the four leading bodies of Gaoyi County, the leaders of the county organs and the main leaders of the villages and towns.

At the meeting, the initiative proposal of Caring for Lushan with Great Love was read, calling on all employees and people from all walks of life to help the people in earthquake stricken area go through difficulties and rebuild their homes.

The chairman of Yibo Foundation Group made a heart-warming speech in which he said that earthquake is merciless but people are affectionate and as a rural urbanization pilot and a loving enterprise in China, Yibo Foundation Group should establish a strong sense of social responsibility, and take practical action to help the people in the disaster areas overcome their difficulties.


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