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Yibo Group signed school enterprise cooperation agreement with Shijiazhuang Railway University

Yibo Group signed school enterprise cooperation agreement with Shijiazhuang Railway University

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On November 24, Shijiazhuang Railway University signed a cooperation agreement with the people's Government of Gaoyi County and Yibo group, which will carry out practical cooperation in promoting the deep integration of government, industry, University and research, and the training of railway and logistics talents.



Wan Shujun, Secretary of Gaoyi County Party committee, Chen Hongfeng, county magistrate, Yang Shaopu, Secretary of the Party committee of Shijiazhuang Railway University, Li Xiaohua, deputy secretary of Shijiazhuang Railway University, Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo group, and Liu Jinpeng, executive deputy general manager of Jizhongnan smart port, attended the signing ceremony. Shijiazhuang Railway University and Gaoyi County People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement on government, industry, University and research, and signed an agreement with Yibo group to jointly build a joint graduate training base.

Wan Shujun said in his speech that the Central South Hebei smart port is a major project for Hebei Province to build an important base for modern commerce and trade logistics, and an important county building project in Gaoyi County. The signing of the contract is another major achievement of Gaoyi in promoting the integration of government, industry, University and research. It will vigorously promote the "same frequency resonance" of specialty and industry, and help Gaoyi promote the high-quality development of international land port.

Chairman Liu Ruiling warmly congratulated the signing of the cooperation. He said that the school enterprise cooperation to build a joint training base for postgraduates can not only provide intellectual support and talent guarantee for the south central Hebei smart port, but also enhance the comprehensive ability and engineering practice literacy of graduate students, which will help both sides to build an industrial transformation platform for scientific and technological achievements and a talent training and exchange mechanism. Yibo will provide high-quality services for graduate students who study and practice in the smart port in central and Southern Hebei Province, and continuously release new development momentum of international inland port.

Yang Shaopu expressed his gratitude to Gaoyi County and Yibo group for their support to Shijiazhuang Railway University. He believes that this cooperation is a win-win result of school local cooperation and school enterprise cooperation, which promotes the deep integration of the three parties in the development and promotes the coordinated development of government, industry, University and research. Based on the needs of Gaoyi County and central and Southern Hebei smart port, Shijiazhuang Railway University will deepen relevant cooperation and fully support the economic and social development of Gaoyi.

One belt, one road, is the key university of Shijiazhuang province. It is said that the Hebei Railway University is a key university and a provincial and provincial Ministry of education. The school has strong faculty, advanced discipline and fruitful research results, especially in serving the "one belt and one road" and developing transportation infrastructure.

After the signing ceremony, the leaders of Shijiazhuang Railway University and his party also went to the south central Hebei smart port for field research, and both sides said that they would adhere to the demand orientation and accelerate the pace of cooperation.


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