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Zhang Dawei, Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of Ministry of Transport, Visited South-Central Hebei Smart Port

Zhang Dawei, Deputy Director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of Ministry of Transport, Visited South-Central Hebei Smart Port

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On November 6, Zhang Dawei, deputy director of the Comprehensive Planning Department of the Ministry of Transport, together with his delegation, visited South-Central Hebei Smart Port to inspect the development of multimodal transport and comprehensive transportation infrastructure. The leaders also participating the inspection include Dai Weimin, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Department of Transportation, Mi Zhiqi, secretary of the Party Group and director of Shijiazhuang Transportation Bureau, Ren Xiuli, member of the Standing Committee and deputy county mayor of Gaoyi County, Pang Jiachen, member of the Standing Committee  and minister of Publicity Department of Gaoyi County, Zhang Peng, deputy county mayor, and Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Holding Group.



Zhang Dawei and accompanying persons inspected the infrastructure construction of railway stations in the port area. In the project exhibition hall, Zhang Dawei listened to report on the construction and operation of the port area, learned the conditions of international freight train, multimodal transport, planning and construction of the smart port, and highly appraised the achievements of the smart port in building international inland port and strengthening the hub function.


Chairman Liu Ruiling said that in recent years, we have accelerated the development of South-Central Hebei Smart Port, improved its infrastructure, enhanced its hub functions, realized the everyday running of international freight train, promoted the effective development of multimodal transport, which made the Smart Port an important international inland port hub in Hebei. We cannot make these achievements without the care and support of Ministry of Transport and Provincial Department of Transport for a long time. South-Central Smart Port will adhere to the strategic positioning of the international inland port, accelerate the construction of the port area, and upgrade of the hub function of the inland port, to contributing to revitalizing regional development.


Zhang Dawei said that, the inland port hub is an important part of the modern transportation system. South-Central Port should, according to the national development strategy and the new requirements of economic and social development, deepen the planning and construction of international and domestic logistics channel and logistics hub, develop multimodal transport, improve the port infrastructure and information platform, and strive to build logistics channel network radiating in all directions.


Relevant leaders from the General Office of the Ministry of Transport, Comprehensive Planning Department, Transport Services Department, Planning and Research Institute, Hebei Provincial Transport Department, Shijiazhuang Municipal Transport Bureau, Gaoyi County Party Committee, county government and other relevant departments, also participated the inspection.


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