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Chairman of Yibo Group Liu Ruiling Attends the Celebration Dinner of the 7th McDonough International Symposium

Chairman of Yibo Group Liu Ruiling Attends the Celebration Dinner of the 7th McDonough International Symposium

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On 13th October, the celebration dinner of the 7th McDonough International Symposium, jointly organized by the Washington University in St. Louis and Tsinghua University, was held in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel. Mark S. Wrighton, president of the Washington University in St. Louis, relevant leaders of Tsinghua University and experts and scholars from more than 30 top universities around the world got together at the symposium. As the leader of the support unit, chairman Liu Ruiling was invited to attend the dinner. 


It was reported that at the 7th McDonough International Symposium they mainly discussed and exchanged views on a series of environmental issues that posed global challenges to today's scientific research institutions, such as food safety and health, energy and environment, and agricultural development, etc. The aim was to share the latest research results, demonstrate the best practice solutions, and solve the most critical and urgent issues around the world together.



Chairman Liu Ruiling Delivers a Speech at the Dinner


At the dinner, chairman Liu Ruiling effusively delivered a speech and extended warm welcome to the scholars from all over the world He pointed out that environmental problems had become a problem that all mankind and the whole society must solve together. Although the Chinese civilization has given birth to rich ecological culture, ecological construction is still a long-term and arduous task. Only by establishing and perfecting the ecological economic system with the main body of “ecological industry and industrialized ecology” and realizing green development, we can fundamentally solve all kinds of environmental problems and meet the needs of the people.


“The South-Central Hebei Smart Port is a vivid practice of carrying out the concept of green development.” chairman Liu Ruiling stated. He introduced to the guests at the symposium that we built the South-Central Hebei Smart Port with an orientation of promoting regional ecological governance at the beginning of the project. We dismantled more than 100 backward and polluting enterprises, which would not only optimize the layout of land and space development, but also adjust the layout of local industries and promote the formation of regional green development mode. “Yibo will continue to focus on the development of the green industry, and we hope that experts will give your wisdom support and go forward together with Yibo.” he said.



President Mark S. Wrighton Expressed Gratitude to Chairman Liu Ruiling in His Speech


In his speech, Mark S. Wrighton, President of the Washington University in St. Louis expressed gratitude to chairman Liu Ruiling for his contribution to the symposium. He said that as a large enterprise with an international perspective, Yibo Group focused on the development of green industry and strongly supported international high-end communication activities, which reflected the enterprise’s sense of social responsibility and the outstanding strategic vision of Mr. Liu Ruiling. This academic exchange between the Washington University in St. Louis and Tsinghua University supported by Yibo has not only promoted the cooperation between the two universities, but also built a bridge of friendship between Chinese and American academy communities. He hoped that they would cooperate with Yibo in the field of environmental science application in the future and make positive contributions to the realization of green and sustainable development.



President Mark S. Wrighton Presents Gifts to Chairman Liu Ruiling


Scholars from participating countries highly appreciated the efforts of Yibo Group in supporting environmental science. They said that they would always pay attention to and support the development of the Yibo Group in the future, give more intellectual support, and further promote the internationalization process and the green development of Yibo Group.



Chairman Liu Ruiling (the first on the right) takes photo with John Mcdonnell, Founder of McDonough College (in the middle) and Professor Guo Shenyang, Assistant of International Affairs of Greater China and Vice President of Washington University in St. Louis (the first on the left)



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