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The Governmental Delegation from Tottori-ken of Japan is Invited to Visit Yibo Group

The Governmental Delegation from Tottori-ken of Japan is Invited to Visit Yibo Group

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On 11th September, the director of Tottori-ken Tourism Exchange Bureau of Japan Tamura Zhang Hao et al., totally four people, visited Yibo for cooperation discussion. Liu Ruiling, chairman of the Board of Directors of Yibo, Liu Yinpeng, president of Yibo, Song Limin, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Yibo attended the receiving meeting. 



Accompanied by Liu Ruiling, chairman of the Board of Directors of Yibo, Tamura Zhang Hao et al. visited the headquarter of Yibo Group in Shijiazhuang and watched the group propaganda video in Yibo hackerspace. Chairman Liu Ruiling gave a detailed introduction to the Japanese guests on the Group's profile, industrial layout and positioning, project planning etc., which laid a good foundation for mutual understanding, exchanges and cooperation. 


Subsequently, chairman Liu Ruiling held a friendly meeting with Mr. Tamura Zhang Hao et al. in the VIP room of Yibo and exchanged views on the research and application of ice temperature storage technology. Both parties believed that ice temperature storage technology is superior to cold storage and freezing storage, especially in maintaining food freshness and flavor, and the economic value is huge. Yibo Group will cooperate with the Japan Ice Temperature Association of Tottori-ken to launch the ice temperature technology introduction and talent training plan to promote the common development of both parties. At the meeting, the two sides also negotiated specific cooperation details and achieved preliminary cooperation intentions. 


The Japan Ice Temperature Association in Tottori-ken successfully applied the ice temperature technology for the first time in the world in the 1970s, effectively solving the problem of short storage period of traditional cold storage, and the problem of serious degrading of food quality under long period freezing storage. After more than 40 years of research and development, Japan's ice temperature technology currently ranks the top all over the world. 


Yibo has always been actively responding to the national “bringing in” strategy and combining its own business and strategic layout to introduce advanced technologies all around the world. This time, Yibo has invited Japan Ice Temperature Association to discuss cooperation, marking the official launch of the ice temperature technology introduction plan. It is the declaration of innovation for international cooperation by Yibo to promote its international development. Chairman Liu Ruiling underlined that: “Yibo will actively push forward the application and promotion of ice temperature technology, will pay close attention and do a good job in talent training, and make ice temperature technology take root and grow in China as soon as possible. 


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