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Delegation From Iowa of the United States Visited South-Central Hebei Smart Port

Delegation From Iowa of the United States Visited South-Central Hebei Smart Port

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On 5th September, Ms.Sarah D. Lande and her delegation of over 20 people from Iowa of the United States, visited the South-Central Hebei Smart Port, accompanied by Ye Changqing, deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hebei Province. They were warmly received by Luan Jianying, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Hebei Province, Chen Hongfeng, deputy secretary of Gaoyi County Party Committee and county mayor, Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Group, Liu Yinpeng, Yibo Group president, Song Limin, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Yibo Foundation Group, Liang Zhanxu, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Yibo Holding Group, etc. 



President Liu Ruiling( in the middle) Warmly Receives the “Old Friend” of President Xi Jinping- Sarah D. Lande (the second from right)


In 1985, Xi Jinping who was then the secretary of Zhengding County Party Committee visited Iowa and Ms. Sarah D. Lande received him. In 2012, President Xi Jinping revisited Iowa and Ms. Sarah D. Lande welcomed him for tea at her home. As an old friend of President Xi Jinping who twice welcomed President Xi, Ms D. Lande and her delegation came to attend the 35th Anniversary of the Friendly Relations between Iowa and Hebei Province with the first stop at South-Central Hebei Smart Port. 


The delegation visited the platform of China-Europe Express in South-Central Smart Port to learn more about the start of the Express and the participation in “The Belt and Road” initiative of Hebei Province. They watched the propaganda film of South-Central Hebei Smart Port with great interest and conducted in-depth communication with the president Liu Ruiling, renewing friendship and advancing cooperation in cosy atmosphere. 



Chairman Liu Ruiling Introduces the Origin and Development of “The Beld and Road” to Ms Sarah D. Lande


The Iowa delegation fully affirmed and highly praised the construction, operation and future planning of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port, and showed great interest in the development of modern trade logistics in Hebei Province and the integration into“The Belt and Road” of Hebei. She hoped that this visit would be an opportunity to strengthen exchanges of two sides, expand pragmatic cooperation in the field of trade and logistics, and contribute to Sino-US friendship and economic and trade development.



Ms Sarah D. Lande Presents Chairman Liu Ruiling with Her Book “Old Friends”: The Xi Jinping-Iowa Story


Chairman Liu Ruiling delivered a warm welcome speech and recalled the scene of a pleasant exchange with Ms.Sarah D. Lande in 2013 when the delegation of Hebei participated in the 30th anniversary of the Friendly Relations between Iowa and Hebei Province. He said that the seed of friendship between Hebei Province and Iowa was sown by President Xi Jinping and have now grown into a towering tree.


Chairman Liu Ruiling said that China is the third largest trading partner of Iowa State. As a well-known large-scale comprehensive industrial enterprise in Hebei Province, Yibo Group invested firstly in food processing in the US. The first phase of the project had achieved considerable economic benefits. At present, the group had signed an intention agreement with the city of Grinnell, Iowa, to build the second phase of the food and condiment project in the city, adding luster to the pragmatic economic and trade cooperation between the two sides.



Chairman Liu Ruiling Exchanges Presents with Ms Sarah D. Lande


Ms. Sarah D. Lande said that with the care of President Xi Jinping, the seed of friendship we sowed 35 years ago had taken root and blossomed. The relationship between Hebei Province and Iowa is very active and we cherish this friendship and cooperation. She also stated that Iowa had fertile land, convenient transportation and favorable business environment, and more enterprises from Hebei will be welcomed to invest and develop trade in Iowa. She sincerely looked forward to more exchanges and cooperation with Yibo Group.



Chairman liu Ruiling Takes Photos with Delegation from Iowa


It is known that Hebei Province and Iowa had established friendly province-state relationship in as early as 1983 and became a model for pragmatic cooperation between China and the United States. President Xi Jinping also placed great expectations on this relationship and pointed out that we shall deepen the friendly province-state or friendly city relationship established by two countries, which would make the local communication profounder and more practical continuously. 


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