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Yibo Group donated uniforms to Siyuan School in Zanhuang County

Yibo Group donated uniforms to Siyuan School in Zanhuang County

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In order to further repay the society and promote the spirit of public welfare, on the afternoon of June 5, 2018, the Yibo Foundation Group students' love activities were held warmly in Siyuan School in Zanhuang County. MS. Gao Li, General Manager of Yibo Foundation Group and General Manager of the property company, and Fan Xuanguo, Deputy Minister of Publicity Department of Zanhuang County participated in the donation ceremony. Yibo Group donated 217 sets of uniforms to Siyuan School in Zanhuang County.



At the donation ceremony, Principal Zhang Aochen expressed warm welcome on behalf of the teachers and students of the university to the arrival of the Yibo Foundation Group, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the Yibo Foundation Group who loved the school. He briefed the guests on the situation of school education and teaching and the development of campus construction in recent years. He hoped that Yibo Group will continue to pay attention to the development of Siyuan School in Zanhuang County. Later, he told the students to cherish gratitude, cherish the hard-won learning opportunities, study hard, improve their quality, and repay the society with excellent academic performance.



MS. Gao Li, director of Yibo Foundation Group and general manager of the property company made a speech and first of all, she expressed cordial greetings to all teachers and students of Siyuan School of Zanhuang County on behalf of Liu Ruiling, Chairman of Yibo Foundation Group, and all employees. She emphasized that as a highly socially responsible company, Evergrande Group started organizing various social charity activities from the very beginning of its establishment. It will continue to support the development of the education industry in the future, start education without forgetting the development, and promote the donation of children. The good attitude helps students grow up healthy and happy. Yibo Foundation Group will carry out charitable donations as a long-term activity, continue to provide assistance to those in need of help and provide a helping hand for the development of social charities.



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