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Chairman Liu Ruiling attended the second Euro-Asia Economic and the "Belt and road" initiation forum

Chairman Liu Ruiling attended the second Euro-Asia Economic and the "Belt and road" initiation forum

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From 17 to 19 April, the Eurasian partnership and the  "Belt and road" initiation forum on the theme of "agricultural cooperation strategy, plan and project" were held in St Petersburg, Russia. Grazev Sergei Yuryevich, President of the parliament of the Russian Federation parliament, and the mayor of St Petersburg 鲍塔夫骞科, and the mayor of St Petersburg, made a welcome word. Nearly one hundred and fifty people, academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of natural sciences, and economic experts, government members of the Republic of Russian Federation, and representatives of Chinese entrepreneurs attended the meeting.



Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Foundation Group, attended the forum and delivered an important speech as an important guest of China. Liu Ruiling proposed that Russia is a big agricultural country, and the Yibo Foundation Group hopes to take advantage of the construction opportunity of the "belt and road" between China and Russia and make use of the fast and efficient features of the China Railway Express and the "Internet + logistics + agriculture" to make the South-central Hebei Smart Port an important platform in the construction of the "belt and road" of China's service. The platform is to accelerate the interconnection and interconnection of agriculture, forestry and aquatic products, and to create a better future for China-Russian trade. Song Limin, director general of the group, joined the forum. The chairman and supervisor's trip to Russia took part in more than 20 activities throughout the day, and the harvest was quite fruitful. The relevant contents of the forum will be followed up.


The following is the wonderful moment in this part of the Forum


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