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Good news! The preliminary acceptance of the special railway line in South-central Hebei Smart Port

Good news! The preliminary acceptance of the special railway line in South-central Hebei Smart Port

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In March 1st, the first railway line of South-central Hebei Smart Port for special purpose line was marked by the initial acceptance, which marked a solid step towards the opening and operation of the Smart port.



The acceptance, by Beijing first iron technology engineering company organization construction, design, supervision and other departments and Handan car, Handan Works section, Shijiazhuang electricity section, Shijiazhuang power supply section, Beijing communications section, Shijiazhuang building section, Handan freight center, Beijing iron construction project supervision of limited companies, the twenty-four Bureau of China Railway and other 40 units People in strict accordance with the engineering design standards and construction requirements for the Central South intelligent railway special line for preliminary acceptance.



At the acceptance meeting of the project, the representatives of each station and section listened to the self check report of the construction units, and made a high evaluation of the high standard and rapid construction of the Smart Port railway special line combined with the field investigation. Minister Liu Yonggang of the first iron technology requires that the owners, the construction units, the design units and the supervision units should cooperate closely to make the preparations for the operation of the railway special line before operation and the perfect work of the follow-up project, and lay the foundation for the completion and acceptance of the intelligent port railway line and the operation of the operation.



After the comprehensive construction, supervision and design of the first iron and technical experts, and the acceptance opinions of various stations and offices, it is believed that the special railway line in the Yibo South-central Hebei Smart Port meets the design requirements and the acceptance criteria for the quality of the project, and the initial acceptance is qualified.



Liu Yinpeng, President of the Yibo Holding Group, general manager of Hebei Yuan Peng Logistics Co., Ltd., Ren Yongchang, the Standing Committee of the Gaoyi County Committee, the Minister of propaganda Pang Jiachen, and Yang Haiqing, the deputy head of the county, participated in the meeting.


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