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South-Central Hebei Smart Port Connects with Beijing-Guangzhou Line Smoothly

South-Central Hebei Smart Port Connects with Beijing-Guangzhou Line Smoothly

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With splendid fireworks and sound of firecrackers, two railway lines of South-Central Hebei Smart Port project of Yibo Foundation Group officially connected with Jing-Guang Railway Line at 8:58 pm on 10th December, 2017. The chairman of Yibo Foundation Group Liu Ruiling, deputy chairman of the group and chairman of supervisor board of the group Song Limin, group deputy chairman Liang Zhanxu, director and president Liu Yinpeng, director and vice president Zhao Ge, director Ren Yongchang, the general manager assistant of Shidong Industry Group and the general manager of branch company in Zhao County Guo Zhenyong, member of Standing Committee of Gaoyi County Party Committee and minister of Propaganda Department Pang Jiachen, deputy county mayor Yang Haiqing etc. witnessed this exciting moment.



Leaders Are Approaching



Lights the Fireworks at 8:58 pm



Field Work (Fig1) Connects the Signal Line



Field Work (Fig2) Rail Cutting



Photo of Leaders


South-Central Hebei Smart Port constructed by Yibo Foundation Group with an investment of nearly ten billion RMB will greatly promote the freight organization capacity and its position as a road network hub of south-central area of Hebei Province, and facilitate the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The successful connection, the landmark of logistics development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, has laid a solid foundation for the connection of “The Belt and Road” logistics hubs of railway network and for entering into Beijing-Guangzhou Railway.


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