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Chairman of Yibo Foudantion Group Liu Ruiling Pays a Return Visit to Donated School-Siyuan School in Zanhuang County

Chairman of Yibo Foudantion Group Liu Ruiling Pays a Return Visit to Donated School-Siyuan School in Zanhuang County

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Siyuan School in Zanhuang County



Classroom- Students Study at the Classroom


In the afternoon of 20th October of 2017, Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Foundation Group paid a return visit to Siyuan School in Zanhuang County to offer assistance to the impoverished students there, accompanied by the school principal Zhang Aichen and vice principal Zhao Zhifang, vice director of Propaganda Department of Zanhuang county, Fan Xuguo and journalists of China News Service attended this visit.



Ceremony of Donation by Yibo Foundation Group to Siyuan School in 2015


In June 2015, Yibo Foundation Group donated 500,000 yuan RMB to Siyuan School in Tumen Town, Zanhuang County for the purchase of teaching and infrastructural facilities, which highly improved the school operation conditions. During this return visit, the group presented new school bags and stationary to those students in need.



Chairman Presents New Schoolbags to Students



Chairman Visits the Classrooms


On the afternoon, accompanied by school directors, the group chairman and other people visited the infrastructures such as classrooms, laboratories, computer rooms, dormitory buildings and dining rooms, and asked about the progress of donated projects. Later, the chairman attended the symposium in the school meeting room.



Chairman Visits the Computer Room



Chairman Visits Dormitories and Dining Rooms


The principal Zhang Aichen expressed warm welcome to the visit of the chairman and sincere thanks to our donations. He introduced the constructions, improvements and achievements of the school in recent years, highlighted the progress of donated projects, and hoped Yibo would pay continuous attention to the development of Siyuan School. Chen Ziying, Li Jing and Feng Ting made speeches as teacher representatives, in which they stated that improvement of teaching facilities, living environment and meals in dining room had made them engaged in work with more energy, better teaching resources has increased platforms for presentation and exchange of students, and multimedia teaching has promoted students’ learning interests and enthusiasm.



Chairman Attends The Symposium



Chairman Takes Photos with Students


Chairman Liu Ruiling made a summary speech, in which he pointed out that Siyuan School had put the donated projects in place carefully and the environment for studying and working had been improved. He stated that Yibo would continue to care for the development of Siyuan School and solve the various problems of the school. Yibo would try to be an enterprise with long term public good activities and carry forward positive energy for society.


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