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Chairman of Yibo Foundation Group Liu Ruiling is Awarded the “Advanced Individual in National Social Services” by China Democratic National Construction Association

Chairman of Yibo Foundation Group Liu Ruiling is Awarded the “Advanced Individual in National Social Services” by China Democratic National Construction Association

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Recently, the National Social Services Conference of China Democratic National Construction Association (CDNCA) was held in Beijing. Qin Boyong, the deputy auditor general of National Audit Office, a member of the Standing Committee of CDNCA, the chairperson of Hebei Provincial Committee, and the former vice-governor of Hebei Province, led the delegation of Hebei to attend the conference.


The conference required that every organization and the members of CDNCA should strive for the China Dream of building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the great rejuvenation. Focusing on the central tasks and overall interests, all organizations and members should work together and carry out reforms to promote the national social services of CDNCA. Chen Changzhi, chairman of CDNCA, adopted targeted measures for poverty reduction and alleviation, pushes the development of “Siyuan Project” with integrated resources and creates effective cooperation on social services. Besides, Mr. Chen brought forward specific requirements for social services under the new trend.


Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Foundation Group, was awarded the “Advanced Individual of the National Social Services” by China Democratic National Construction Association for his enterprise’s prominent contribution to social work under his leadership.


Established in 2004 and led by president Liu Ruiling, Yibo Foundation Group has become a diversified private enterprise covering real estate development, agri-tourism, property management services and international investment through the past decade of rapid development.


With the full implementation of Outline of the Plan for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Development, Liu Ruiling persists in serving the country through industry and actively contributes to the trade and logistics industries by seizing the development opportunities nowadays and aiming the historical turning point of transferring the non-core functions of the Capital under the context of “Coordinated Development for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region”. He invested 5.2 billion RMB in South-Central Hebei Road-Railway Intermodal Smart Port (Smart Port) which covers an area of 3000 mu(200ha). Taking “Based on South-Central Hebei, Rely on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and Serve all the Chinese” as the development vision, the project actively undertakes to ease the functions of logistics services in Beijing and mainly serves for bulk commodities and farm products in North China, and to build the smart port into a “smart logistics complex of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region for collaborative innovation”. After the completion of the project, it will become the largest multimodal base in North China.


Through full understanding of the spirit of the National Economic Work Conference, the industrial process led by Liu Ruiling has always conformed to Chinese policies and the interests of people. The smart port project has weeded out 58 outdated capacity enterprises, such as small steel, cement, chemical, casting enterprises, etc., which has helped Chinese supply-side structural reform with its practical action. He insists on that the construction of the smart port must conform to the five developmental ideas put forward by our nation as following: innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing. After the elimination of outdated capacity enterprises, the smart port has attracted and driven the development of new low-carbon economy with intelligent, scientific and technological and green distribution processing pattern, etc., thus realize transformation and upgrading. In line with China’s new requirements of cutting overcapacity, reducing excess inventory, deleveraging, lowering costs, and strengthening areas of weakness, the smart port has promoted the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structures in Hebei Province. Meanwhile, it has created positions of employment and entrepreneurship for over 10,000 surrounding people, including the employees of the outdated capacity enterprises, which has maintained the social stability.


At the same time, deeply engaged in real estate for many years, Liu Ruiling has actively threw himself into the Beautiful Village construction of Zhongchen Village, Dachen Village and Kangjia Village in Wentang Town, Pingshan County (an old revolutionary base area), Hebei Province. He insists on the core ideas as following: discovering the beauty of the village and then publicizing, introducing special local products, customizing village travelling, planning village construction, appreciating village delicious food, carrying forward the village culture, supporting rural industry and building brand rural tourism attraction. It has benefited more than 400 local farmers.


As a successful entrepreneur, Liu Ruiling strives to fulfill his social responsibility and to undertake missions of the era. Yibo Foundation Group has committed itself to “contributing to the nation and repaying the society” since its foundation under the leadership of President Liu. Accordingly, the group has donated 20,000 RMB rehabilitation devices to the courtyard for Disabled Children owned by Gao Shuzhen, who received the Touching China Awards in 2012 and paid long-term attention to the courtyard with offering the goods and materials they need. The Group has raised 200,000 RMB for Lushan County, an earthquake-stricken county in Sichuan Province in 2013. Also, it has donated 200,000RMB to the “Three Li Martyr Scholarship” launched by Tianjin Old Liberated Area Construction Association, mainly for awarding excellent students and teachers in the high-school and college entrance examinations. On the World Blood Donor Day, all members of the Board and all staff led by chairman Liu donated their blood.


Chairman Liu expressed that he would continue to embark on a new path of and contributed to democracy promotion by taking this award as the new driving force, valuing this honor and making greater progress.  


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