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Yibo Group Donates 100,000 RMB to the Flood Area in Gaoyi County

Yibo Group Donates 100,000 RMB to the Flood Area in Gaoyi County

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On 18th Aug., 2016, the first Sunshine Charity Public Welfare Show of Gaoyi was held under the name of “Public Welfare in Hebei•Charity in Gaoyi” in Gaoyi county, Hebei province. Yibo Group donated 100,000 RMB to the flood areas caused by the rainstorm in July.


Song Limin, chairman of Yibo Holding Group Co., Ltd. of Yibo Group, Yang Guofang, secretary of Gaoyi County Party Committee, Peng Jingjie, county mayor, and the children and youth who were to receive the donations in the show and the representatives of the victims participated in the donation show.


Song Limin, chairman of Yibo Holding Group Co., Ltd., donated 100,000 RMB on behalf of Yibo Group to the hardest-hit areas, making contributions to the affected areas. Peng Jingjie, chief of Gaoyi County People's Government, delivered a speech. Jiang Xinjie, director of the Civil Affairs Bureau and executive vice chairman of the Charity Association read out the proposal of initiating public charity throughout the county.


Song Limin said that the world is full of love even though flood is merciless. Whenever disaster occurs, the Chinese nation can break out amazing cohesion, walk hand in hand with great unity. We can truly feel what the people suffered in the disaster area. We must continue to carry forward the traditional virtue of “When trouble occurs at one spot, help comes from all quarters”. As the old saying of “Great things may be done by mass effort”, I hope each of us lend a hand and I believe that our modest ability will converge into a warm current to encourage the hearts of people in disaster areas.


A total of 300, 000RMB charity money and materials was raised at the end of the show.


Incident Review:

On 19th July, heavy rain happened in most area of North China. Flood discharge of reservoir in Lin County resulted in overburden of Huai River with ultra-high water level. The Huai River bridge was finally damaged, then roads blocked, houses collapsed, crops flooded and parts of Gaoyi county badly affected. Yibo Group involves in many industries in Gaoyi county, such as logistics, real estate, commerce, agriculture and building materials and we understood the development of Yibo was closely related to the water and soil of Gaoyi. Yibo Group, which grows up in Gaoyi, is willing to breathe with and share a same fate with the people of Gaoyi, and to lend a hand, in different ways, to the people in the disaster areas.


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