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Yibo Foundation Building
Yibo Foundation Building
Yibo Foundation Building is located at the intersection of South Second Ring Road and South Tiyu Street, Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, capital of Hebei Province. The construction area is about 13,500 m2, with 16 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, and more than 50 underground parking spaces.
The building is equipped with 24-hour security monitoring system, building monitoring system and automatic fire control system, which assures the owners and tenants with safety. Besides, the central air-conditioning system provides comfortable office environment with the suitable temperature and humidity.
There are exhibition hall of Group Brand, the space for mass innovation, the staff activity center, Party and mass activity center, and the office environment is spacious and bright. Besides office area, the building is also equipped with meeting room, negotiation room, public canteen and other functional spaces to improve the business quality and provide strong office security for the settled enterprises.
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