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South-Central Hebei Smart Port Visited by Ye Dongsong, Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference of Hebei Province

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On April 9, Ye Dongsong, chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference(CPPCC) of Hebei Province, went to the South-Central Hebei Smart Port for investigation, together with Chen Shuzeng, secretary general of Hebei Provincial CPPCC, Liu Mingxuan, chairman of Shijiazhuang Municipal CPPCC, Zhao Lei, secretary general of Shijiazhuang Municipal CPPCC, Wan Shujun, secretary general of Gaoyi County Committee of CPC, Song Yinghua, chairman of Gaoyi CPPCC, Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Holding Group, and Liu Yinpeng, president of Yibo Holding Group.



Ye Dongsong walked into the park and exhibition hall of South-Central Hebei Smart Port to got to know the resumption of the train operation, goods purchasing, production and operation, etc., and earnestly listened to the Chairman Liu Ruiling’s introduction about functional partitioning, industrial development, railway line construction and China-Europe Railway Express of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port, and spoke highly of the contribution of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port in promoting the modern logistics industry in Hebei Province.



Ye Dongsong encouraged us to accelerate the development of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port, promote the construction progress, give full play to the resource advantages of China-Europe Railway Express, cultivate the market, improve the collection and distribution capacity and coverage of railway freight, and form an import and export logistics hub serving the whole Hebei province. He asked Gaoyi County and relevant departments to support the development of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port project, coordinate the allocation of production factors, and build it into an important logistics base platform in Hebei.


Relevant leaders of Hebei Provincial CPPCC, Shijiazhuang Municipal CPPCC and Gaoyi County attended the above activities.


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