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Yibo Foundation Group Chairman Liu Ruiling is Elected as the Executive President of Hebei Provincial Capital Research Association

Yibo Foundation Group Chairman Liu Ruiling is Elected as the Executive President of Hebei Provincial Capital Research Association

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Xiongan New Area development summit forum and election meeting of a new leadership of Hebei Provincial Capital Research Association was held in Shijiazhuang on the morning of 26th May 2017, with more than 100 representatives from the capital community, enterprise community and press community etc. of Hebei province presented in the meeting. The work statement and the revised draft of the association charter were reviewed and approved, and the membership of the second board of directors were elected during the meeting. Liu Jianmin, former vice president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of Hebei province, was elected as the president, Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Foundation Group, as the executive president, Liu Yinpeng, the president of Yibo Holding Group, as the vice president of the association.

President of Yibo Holding Group, Liu Yinpeng,

Shi Yuqiang, the chief economist of Hebei Provincial Capital Research Association, explained ten key tasks of 2017. Hebei Provincial Capital Research Association shall increase major research, cooperate with the government sectors, promote enterprise resource integration, build think tank operating platform, set up investment equity fund, improve the organizational structure of the association, strengthen team construction and image promotion and other tasks. 

Chief Macroeconomic Expert From Policy Laboratory of National Ministry of Finance, Zhang Peng
Xiongan New Area Development Summit

Zhang Peng, chief macroeconomic expert from policy laboratory of National Ministry of Finance,was invited to deliver a special lecture of “Some Thoughts on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Coordinative Development Planning”. Liu Wanling, vice president of China Economic Restructuring Research Institute, Zhang Jianguo, former vice head of Policy Research Office, Hebei Provincial CPC Committee, Tian Xuebin, head of Economics Institute of Hebei University of Economics and Business and executive vice president of Xiongan Development Research Institute, Ma Li, researcher from Real Estate Finance Research Center of Renmin University of China further discussed the innovation of Xiongan New Area.


The unveiling ceremony was held in the meeting for Hebei Fund Industry Alliance and also for Hebei Jiujun Equity Investment Fund Management Ltd. set up by Yibo Holding Group. 


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