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On January 5, 2021, the first China-Europe Railway Express in Hebei departed from Shijiazhuang International Land Port.

From January 11 to 16, Yibo Group donated anti-epidemic support materials to the communities and schools that were under closed-loop control during the epidemic, Yuhua Public Security Bureau, Beixin Street Community in Ning'an Street of Xinhua District, and the Public Transport Corporation successively.

On February 10, 2021, the first rail-sea intermodal transportation railway express to Tianjin port in Shijiazhuang departed from Shijiazhuang International Land Port, and exported to Israel and Slovenia on board the ocean-going ship "Maersk Horsburgh".

Express in Hebei Province direct to Hamburg, Germany, started from Shijiazhuang international land port.

On April 27, President Liu Ruiling was awarded the honorary title of "National May Day Labour Medal".

On June 19, Shijiazhuang Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park was officially put into use, which was the first comprehensive cross-border e-commerce industry park in Shijiazhuang.

From January 30 to February 10, Yibo Foundation Group donated 2 million pairs of medical protective nitrile gloves to the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Hebei Province in four batches, with a value of 1 million yuan, to help fight the epidemic.
On the morning of February 13, Yibo Holdings Group, Yibo Foundation Group and the affiliated companies called upon the employees to donate money for the epidemic prevention and control. A total of 380 000 yuan was collected.
At 10:18 on February 26, a China-Central Asia Railway Express set out from the South-Central Hebei Smart Port and headed for Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. This marks that during the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia, China-Europe Railway Express and China-Central Asia Railway Express from Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province have fully resumed normal operations, which was specially reported by CCTV News, CCTV-2, HEBTV, Shijiazhuang TV Station, Hebei Daily, Shijiazhuang Daily, etc.
On March 31, Yibo Holdings Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People’s Government of Mining District of Yangquan City for building of Yangquan Yibo smart logistics port.
On May 29, the land use right of Yio Huafu Residential Complex in Gaoyi County was successfully obtained by Yibo after auction.
On August 28, the first train loaded with small packed edible oil from Russia arrived at the South-Central Hebei Smart Port by China-Europe Railway Express.
On September 2, South-Central Hebei Smart Port Bonded Logistics Center(Type A) successfully passed the inspection and acceptance of Shijiazhuang Customs and was put into operation.
On September 11, Dingzhou International Land Port of Yibo Holdings Group signed the project transfer agreement with Dingzhou Tielian Purchase-Sale-Storage- Transportation Co., Ltd., and the project was officially signed and got implemented.
On September 16, Yibo Holdings Group signed a cross-border e-commerce cooperation agreement with Hebei Huizhi E-commerce Services Co., Ltd. .
On September 19, the construction of Hengshui International Land Port of Yibo commenced in Wuyi County.
On October 12, the international freight train with fixed running time of Hebei Province started from the South-Central Hebei Smart Port.
On November 14, Yibo Foundation Group held the meeting themed with sprinting for 2020 target, calling for the full implementation of the spirit of “Two Unification and Double Improvement”, strengthening the “Four Consciousness”, improving the “Five Abilities”, adhering to the “Two Continuance”, and writing a new chapter of the group’s high-quality and rapid development.
On November 24, the signing ceremony of the government-industry-university- research strategic cooperation between Gaoyi County People’s Government, Shijiazhuang Tiedao University and Yibo Group was held in the conference room of Gaoyi County People’s Government.

On February 21-22, the 2019 working conference of Yibo Foundation Group was held in Shenzhen.

On March 6, during the NPC and CPPCC, the People’s Representative Newspaper runs a feature with the title of Liu Ruiling: developing modern logistics and promoting industrial upgrading.

On March 28, Yibo Holdings Group held a signing ceremony for Hengshui Smart Logistics Port project with Hengshui Municipal People’s Government and Wuyi County People’s Government.

On March 29, Yibo Holdings Group signed a cooperative agreement with the No.4 Engineering Corporation Limited of CR20G, Inner Mongolia Company of China Railway Design Corporation, and North China Zhongce Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd for the building of Hengshui Smart Logistics Port.

On April 19, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Yibo International Logistics and Jingdong Logistics was held in South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On April 25, Yibo Foundation Group acquired the development and operation right of Xinglong project by means of equity transfer.

On May 7, the first rail-sea intermodal freight train of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei departs from the South-Central Hebei Smart Port for Xingang North Station of Tianjin.

On July 18, the first Hebei-Xi’an-Europe Railway Express, which departed from Gaoyi of Shijiazhuang, passed Xinzhu Station of Xi’an and reached Hamburg of Germany, set off from South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On September 17, Hebei Yuanpeng Logistics Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Yibo Holdings Group, successfully won the bid for the operation of China-Europe Railway Express of Shijiazhuang in 2019.

On December 12, Yibo Foundation Group signed a cooperative agreement with Atlanta Country Day School to carry out joint education in the United States.

From March 18th to 20th, in the Gubei Lundao•2018 Yibo Summit Forum held in Beijing and it was confirmed that the Group would take a benign and sustainable development road.

On March 21, Hebei’s first professional innovation space jointly built by Yibo Foundation Group and Ego Group was officially put into operation.

On May 16, China Railway Corporation issued a notice to approve the operation of the special railway line of South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On May 16, Yibo Foundation Group signed a cooperative agreement with Russian Ural Forest Industry Group Co., Ltd.

From June 9 to 11, as a key sightseeing project, Scenic Resort Town Themed with the Lunar New Year’s Day perfectly participated in the Second Shijiazhuang Tourism Industry Development Conference.

On June 19, Yibo Foundation Group signed cooperative agreements respectively with the Russia-China Belt and Road Development Strategy Committee and St. Petersburg Airport in Moscow.

On June 29, the first China-Europe freight train(Shijiazha-Moscow) departed from the South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On July 1, Automobile Industrial Park of South-Central Hebei Smart Port was put into operation.

On September 12, Yibo International Education Group signed a cooperative agreement with Xinwumen Martial Arts Club.

On September 30, the first China-Central Asia freight train(Shijiazhuang-Tashkent) departed from the South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On October 11, Yibo obtained the land use right for an area of 20 mu for the Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Building project in Lingshou County through auction.

On October 12, AUX Air Conditioning Incorporated Company settled in the South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On October 28, News Broadcast of CCTV ran a feature with the theme of “Confirm confidence, and deepen the reform and opening up-the spirit of the important speech made by General Secretary Xi Jinping during the inspection in Guangdong evoked heated response”. As a representative of national outstanding private entrepreneurs, Liu Ruiling, chairman of Yibo Group, was interviewed by CCTV in the South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On November 7, Yibo Group obtained the land use right of large-scale residential complex in Hexiwu of Wuqing District of Tianjin with 680 million RMB.

On November 11, the construction of the first poverty alleviation base with Chinese toona industry of Yibo commenced in Fengning County, Chengde city.

On December 13, Yibo Foundation Group held a joint enlarged meeting of the board of directors and the board of supervisors, determining the development strategy of strengthening logistics and real estate businesses.

On February 9, Yibo Foundation Group commenced the Longhegu Residential Complex project in Shenyang City.

On August 15, Yibo Group got the land use right of Baita Area in Hunnan District in Shenyang City with 108 million RMB.

At 8:58 PM on December 10, two railway lines of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port were connected to the Beijing-Guangzhou railway line, laying a solid foundation for connecting the railway network logistics hub of The Belt and Road.

On May 25, Hebei Yuanpeng Logistics Co., Ltd. of Yibo signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Cangzhou Bohai Port Affairs Co., Ltd. affiliated with Hebei Port Group about the South-Central Hebei Smart Port Project, and they reached a long-term cooperation intention about the later operation.

In October, Yibo Group settled in Yibo Foundation Building in Shijiazhuang, promoting the diversified development of the Group with a new image.

In July, the feasibility study, environmental impact assessment, project approval, planning and site selection and other preliminary procedures were all completed.

On September 21, the commencement ceremony of the South-Central Hebei Smart Port Project was held in Gaoyi County.

On May 13, Hebei Yuanpeng Logistics Co., Ltd. was established and began to prepare for the construction of South-Central Hebei Smart Port.

On July 4, Yibo Foundation Property Service Co., Ltd. was established. With the service standard of U.I.C.H, it provides high-quality and professional property management services for all types of buildings of more than 5 million m2.

On July 13, Gaoyi Building Materials Market by Yibo opened for business.

On October 18 in Beijing, Yibo Foundation Group signed an agreement with China National Real Estate Development Group Corporation Limited for strategic cooperation and the project of Xiangshuli Residential Complex in Wuqing District of Tianjin. And Yibo expanded the buisness to Tianjin.

In January, Yibo Food Incorporation was established in USA, which invested in food processing in Iowa and Missouri, and carried out international trade.
In October, the Yibo Wentang Island, a comprehensive international health preservation resort suitable for all ages, was built in Pingshan County, integrating the industries of ecological agriculture, tourism, health care, etc. Yibo began to transform from residential real estate to industrial real estate.
In July, Yibo Foundation Group was established in Shijiazhuang City, the capital of Hebei Province.

In March, Yibo invested in the construction of a number of projects in Gaoyi County including the Xiandaicheng Residential Complex, which laid a solid foundation for the Group development.

On March 19, Liu Ruiling, the founder and chairman of Yibo Group, started the business of real estate development mainly in counties of Shijiazhuang(the predecessor of Yibo Foundation Group).

In September, Yibo commenced the first real estate project in Zhaoxian County, Pingguocheng Residential Complex, which was followed by a number of residential complex projects by Yibo, winning a good reputation in the real estate market.

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